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Sometimes the stars just align. And the moon, full and risen, lights the night. As Life would have it, I got to see Trevor Hall and Nahko (neither of whom I’d heard of before attending the concerts) at Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre in Colorado.

It was lovely, epic, wonderful, exquisite.

I was with a group, on a trip, of which this concert was a selling point for many. (Like I said, I’d never heard of either of the artists before this trip.) We were about 20 in size, smoking cannabis en masse to put the locals to shame and doing all kinds of groovy activities like yoga in the park, outdoor cacao ceremonies, riding the Zephyr train (OMG!!! yes, yes, yes!), white water rafting (well, not like hardcore or anything), hiking and, basically, day in and day out of fun and mild adventure.

You can tell which one photo I took out of the four above. One, amateur; the other three, not amateur.


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