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Uber Chronicles book interview with Sakura Publishing

Uber Chronicles? What’s that about?

I drive for Uber (here and there) and I write about each and every one of my passengers. Some stories are shorter, some are longer, but I do write about each passenger and my interaction with them. I’ve noticed with some other books from Uber drivers a tendency to cherry pick the bizarre or crazy stories, which is fine, of course. I rather like (and I’ve heard from many of my readers) that they appreciate getting a vicarious look at the full span of my passengers.

That’s an interesting and timely book topic. Why did you pick it?

I don’t know if I picked it, per se. It sort of picked me. I was out driving for Uber one night, and upon coming home, I felt that what was happening on these rides was important to share. So I sat down that night–rather late at night–and wrote. Then I hit the publish button and went to bed. The next morning I’d received dozens of comments from people saying how much they enjoyed reading the Uber Chronicles and to keep writing. So I did.

What’s your most interesting story to date?

Oh, that’s a tough question. They’re all interesting in their own ways. The story, “I could hug her!” was a touching one for me. I was so filled with judgment as I waited for this particular rider to show up; she was late to come out to the car. But as we talked, I could feel her grit, determination, vision and character and I was so delighted to have a conversation with her. Part of what was so interesting to me was how much my own attitude flipped: from being upset with her to wanting to give her a hug.

Is this a one-and-done book, or will you write more?

More! Yes, lots more. I love sharing these stories with others. And the content source is endless! Each passenger is different. Each story is different. I consider a “chronicle” one day of driving, so if I go out for a day and have three rides, I tell three stories; 10 rides, 10 stories; and so on. Each book in the series will be 10 chronicles, 10 times out driving. This first book, Uber Chronicles: Field Notes from the Front Seat, is 10 days of riding, 56 stories.

How can people get in touch with you?

I have a website and blog where people can read more information and stories, a Facebook page if people want to be more engaged, and email if anyone needs to reach me directly. And, of course, people can purchase the book on Amazon.

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