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I’m nearing 59 now, but when I was in my 20s, for some reason, I would think often on “adaptive clothing.” I didn’t have a name for what that type of clothing was then; I just knew it was important–really important –that people of all abilities (and especially those with physical limitations) be able to dress and undress with ease … and no one seemed to be doing much about it. (Nor was I the one to take said subject on.)

Glad to see the industry growing!!! Becoming a thing. Getting support and recognition.

They/we/whomever need(s) to make sure people with neurological issues and fine motor control/coordination also have option, e.g. these hook-and-clasp options are too fine a movement for someone with crippling arthritis. Maybe magnets. IDK. It’s not my issue to solve. I’m just happy to see it gaining attention.


And then I had the opportunity to write a feature story about this lovely woman.

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