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Bitter, strong, intense — he’s my man

Yep. He’s my man. Dr. Schulze, that is. And the herbal tonics he makes and sells are outta this world: bitter, strong, intense … and, in my experience, effective.

Earlier this week, I started having the uh-oh symptoms of a flu. I knew the flu was raging in Virginia, one of the heaviest hit states. And, while I may have sick days and PTO now that I have a j-o-b, I still don’t like to feel less-than-stellar.

So, I got out the big guns. Yes, I got the special 6-pack of Dr. Schulze Cold & Flu Shot I’d bought earlier in the season. Slammed one down. Mercy! If only I’d been videotaped; that’d be a sight. 6 hours later, another. 6 hours later, gargled with one and drank the rest. O. M. G.

And, yet, here I am, three days later and feeling great. I was able to keep working during that time, albeit from home to keep my germs in my own zone and my body wrapped in warm PJs, but I was OK.

I just love-love-love his products. And, true to his nature, he posts his recipes for others to make, if they so desire. Here’s a recipe for making the Super-tonic Plague Fighter and another one here. Fire water recipe and photo cred from here.

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