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Am I really popular or … ?

Am I really popular, or is there something else afoot? See, I am just boggled. I have received five party invitations for parties occurring on August 2nd. No party invitations for the 3rd, or even the following Saturday on the 9th. But five on the second.

Curiosity piqued, I gave it some thought. My suspicion: August 2nd is a seasonal midpoint, a deep traditional point of celebration, just like Ground Hogs Day is a midpoint and traditional celebration on Feb 2nd. At some level — even though most of us “modern day people” don’t eat on a purely seasonal schedule, we can still feel the clock of the earth. Our bodies/lives can sense that summer is half way over

Now, this doesn’t solve my quandary about which parties to attend, and in what order, but the phenomena of the grouping of parties has me quite fascinated.


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