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I had an interesting moment last night.

I was deeeeeep in my sleep–as my Sleep Cycle app showed me later in the morning when I woke up and looked at it–when SUDDENLY in my mind’s eye I saw in a room of darkness a single VERY bright light. The light provided was from an electrical source, almost like a work light used in a shop (as opposed to a mystical or organic light).

The light was turned on very quickly and brightly in the midst of this completely dark room, and it startled me in my dream state. I woke up instantly and wondered what the heck that was all about.

Then, as if self-answering that question, I realized I was likely dehydrated from the alcohol and other things I consumed the day before, and water, at this moment, was my friend. So I chugged some and went back to sleep, rather delighted my body was telling me it desperately needed hydration and to get on that stat!

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