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The amount of time I spend salivating over the various color options for Pentel’s Energel pens is something! I love the teal, the burgundy and the steel blue. I love the purple and the violet, the pink and the magenta. I love the tips and the flow, the colors and the intensity.

I already have quite a few of these pens. They’re everywhere: in my office, in the kitchen, by my bed stand, in my car, in my purse … around and available. I use them day in and day out. I get the refills when I can, though, alas, the refills are not available in all colors.

I noticed recently Pentel has started packaging their pens in color schemes and clumps. Rather than just the “black, blue and red” packs; rather than only offering the “here’s all 20 colors” packs, they offer these pretty color-theme options in small packs.

Such things delight me. So many pretty colors.

What pens do you like/use/prefer?

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