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Doing what we do

Over at a friend's house the other day, she made a few fussy sounds when her Walmart order arrived and she hadn't received the particular candy corn she'd requested.  "What's the big deal?" I asked.  Upon which she explained the candy corn were just too darn sweet (she has a point there) and that she…

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The city version

I have a Solo Stove, and since starting to look into getting one, I've watched the market try to gobble up more space in the "easy, safe fire" solution category. Many an imitator. (And, heck, for all I know, Solo Stove riffed off of someone else's invention, so maybe they are the imitator.)  …

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Oh, but the assumptions

Today has been a day of many errands. Many engagements with many "strangers," and people I don't know: the gal at Target with whom I started chatting in the cleaning-supplies aisles, the cashier at the Turkish grocery store down the street from where I live, the person helping me use my store-credit card at the…

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