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It’s a cycle

Just finished my third listen of Neil Howe‘s The Fourth Turning is Here. OMG, OMG, OMG. The sense this man makes.

Here’s a bit from the tail end of his book, in which he reminds us how each generation (each of which is a specific archetype) contributes perfectly to Society.

Without the Hero (Millennial), a civilization would never cohere as a community or enjoy material progress.

Without the Prophet (Boomer), a civilization would be dead in spirit and be morally blind.

Without the Artist (Silent, and 2006+20ish years), a civilization would never flourish at its highest level of expression.

Without the Nomad (GenX), a civilization would never survive at all.

birth years

Xers, your birth years are 1961-1981.

Millennials, 1982-2005.

Homelander/Silent/new kids – 2006 +20-22 years

Boomer, 1943-1960



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