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Mi familia

patron familyLife is good when such a photo opp presents itself. Love Patron.

This little photo is like my family: Dad, mom, me, middle-kid sister and younger brother. Except, not really. I mean, if there was ever a not-alcohol-focused family, it was mine. Not teetotalers by any means. No religious compulsions or reasons not to drink. We just weren’t a drinking family when I was growing up.

I’m figuring my dad probably had a beer here and there, but there was never a wine bottle out (or in the trash can — we didn’t have recycling pickup back then). I’m 59 now, and a few months ago my mom offloaded some of the liquor from her paltry liquor cabinet, including some still-unopened Canadian Whiskey from 1977) among others.

I haven’t had the best relationship with alcohol over the years. It goes in. I get slurry. I get sleepy. I get stupid.

But tequila, That I can manage. Patron silver is just so lovely and clean.


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