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My neighborhood.

My parking spot.

My front porch.

My door.

My hallway.

My living room, office, kitchen, bedroom and more.

My bath.

Oh, my bathtub.

My space. My home. My place.

My vibe. My choices. My home.

Yes, I loved the travel to other lands. Yes, I loved the trip, the wedding, the connecting with family. Yes, I loved the celebration, the people, the joy.

And, oh, oh, oh, how I loved, loved, loved coming home to my place, taking a bath in my tub (and falling asleep in it for a bit — it was a long day of early flights, long layovers and navigating airport food choices), and falling asleep in my bed.

On my sheets.

With my pillows.

And my view of my room upon waking in the morning.


Grateful for it all — the trip, the journey and the return to Home.



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