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There was a time in my life when I spent many hours each month in the presence of pigs. Big pigs, little pigs. Momma pigs and daddy pigs. Sibling pigs. Pigs in packs. Pigs in puddles. Pigs in piles. Oh, to hang out in a wooded enclosure, leaning up against bunch of 200-lb pigs, all of them piling onto each and to me. Such bliss. Such good-vibe energy animals they are.

That time has now passed, and maybe my life will bring me such joys again. The days and years will tell.

For now, some photos from the pig-filled chapter in my life.

Woodland-dwelling pigs are happy pigs.

Barn cats.

Baby pigs doing what they do.



My boots’ laces were a great source of interest.

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