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flair pens

Is anything special any more?

I am aware, of course, of the VAST vastvastvastvast uptick in products available, the Made-in-China-fication of production and how products are much more accessible for purchase than they were in my childhood and young adult years. Quite aware. I mean, I’ve lived it: this change, this uptick, this vastvastvastvast increase. But a particular and recent Amazon listing…

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rats of nimh


When I was a child in the early ‘70s, there were few-and-far-between resources aimed at kids and little media and content aimed at children. (We were Xers after all and at the bottom of society's ranked needs.) There were books, of course. Some from eras prior. Some published recently, but the vast numbers of books and…

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me standing

My first memory of success

I had a time in my life when I spent my days intimately involved with a small group of people who were utterly and completely dedicated to personal development and understanding--best folks could--the mysteries of the universe. It was a divine time. And while a challenging one, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Their dedication,…

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