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Pouring drafts (CJ #2)

College job #2

My second job in college was also a work-study job in the same dining hall, except it was at night when the dining hall was transformed into a bar. Or maybe there was a bar and meeting on the side of the dining hall. I don’t recall. In any case, it was in the same quad and same building as the dining hall, and it was a work-study job.

I guess I’d ingratiated myself with some of the dining hall managers and had secured this much more fun job of being a bartender. (Not that I hadn’t enjoyed being a dining-hall server the semester prior; it was more that the dining-hall jobs encompassed all the dining-hall cleaning functions, too, and I didn’t love that.)

We served bad beer on tap, cheap wine and some crappy bar food: nachos and the like. Not much to write home about, as They say.

Like the food-server role, it was a social job. I liked that. It was close–just a couple minutes from my dorm. I liked that, too. And it paid minimum wage. I accepted that because that’s what was up. There was no negotiating for salary. My position was a work-study job; my employer was a large university, and minimum wage it was.

Bands of little repute played there some nights: students came and had a few beers. Or wine, or crappy snacks. I availed myself of some of the beer as well, got yappy, loose of tongue, and probably even more foul-mouthed than usual.

The job wasn’t much to speak of, but it did open a door for the job I got the following semester. But first, the summer session job … CJ#3, making beds.

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