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Hmm. Interesting.

Vivo Barefoot is refurbishing worn and returned shoes and reselling them. Interesting.

I do love the brand they created for this effort-RE-Vivo. I mean, is that brilliant, or what?

On an eco/ethical/marketing level, it’s quite the concept and practice. Noteworthy, even.

Alas, the pricing is more just like waiting for an eventual sale. But the concept is great!

Says them —

Since the launch of our Amnesty trial in 2020, you helped us save over 2,600 pairs of Vivos from ending up in landfill.

We’re delighted how well this project got off its feet, literally!

The Amnesty trial scheme is now closed, but you can still send us your old Vivos through our Take Back Programme, joining us on our journey to full circularity.

Please continue to send us your worn out Vivos in order to give them a second chance; when possible, we will refurbish and re-sell them on Revivo, and if they’re too far gone, we’ll keep them until we can recycle them.

More Vivos on more feet, longer. Less landfill. More barefoot.

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