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Pretty. Boring.

I saw Wonka earlier today. Eh. Almost fell asleep mid-point. 
It’s a pretty film. Visual. Colorful. Fun.
And I found it rather boring.
I had a nice holiday-gathering type of afternoon–a movie and dinner with some friends. Overall, a lovely afternoon, but I’m comfortable saying you can miss Wonka and not miss much.

better-weather update:

In the spirit of knowing restaurant reviews and such are often more negative when the weather is rainy and cold, I’ll offer a mild review update on Wonka from yesterday’s rainy day. Here’s what I liked–
  • I liked the homage to Gene Wilder’s WW&TCF movie with the “Come with me” song sang several times.
  • I liked the outfits, characters and scenes.
  • I liked seeing a wizard nature in Willy’s character revealed.

Still, overall, the movie felt flat and meandering to me. Pretty sets and the ever-so-hot-ticket of Timothée Chalamet didn’t balance out the overall blahness of the movie, to me.

If you enjoyed the movie, yay! I’m glad. I found it a yawner, and I tend to love fantastical movies and fantastical plots and fantastical characters.

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