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Sweet, but not Sacchariny

I’ve always been a fan of coming-of-age stories, and I enjoy reading them and other young-adult fiction. And, well, I rather like a super-hero/chosen-one type of story, too.

So, some years ago, after hearing quite a bit of chatter about Philip Pullman’s “The Golden Compass” and “His Dark Materials,” I read them, loved them, and was delighted the books mixed so many genres and story lines I enjoy. I was floored by the happy-yet-not-Saccharin-ly-sweet ending.

Not much of a visual thinker, I don’t often see what’s happening in books. I rarely have a sense of what characters look like, and I often forget plot lines after reading a book. Books are more like experiences to me than memories I hold.

When I heard the books were being made into a TV series, I was game to watch them and have watched an episode or two or three at a time. This evening, I finished the series, and while I’m not going to do any spoilers for anyone yet to read the books or watch the series, I will say I loved how they handled the final ending. Not the climactic fight scene seemingly necessary for super hero/chosen one stories, but the final, final scene.

I found it quite touching, just as I did when I read the books.

What about you? Did you read the books? Like the ending?

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