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My mind wonders:

If someone can get DIScombobulated…

Can they then get REcombobulated?

I kinda feel like I’m doing that as I unpack from yet another absolutely fabulous 10-day trip — this time to the beach (Ocean City, Maryland … which is a really quite a lovely beach and yet another wonderful asset in Maryland living,) with near-perfect weather each day, wonderful company and even waking early one day to catch a sunrise.

Not that the beach time discombobulated me, per se. Not at all. It’s the trek home, unpacking, laundry, putting the right items away in the right order (food first, etc.) and getting back into the swing of things here.

So, is recombobulating a thing? (Spell check sure doesn’t like the word.)


Friends commented on my FB post on this subject and said there was a recombobulation lounge at Mitchell Airport. Hah!

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