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You know that horrible (horrible, horrible) taste when an avocado starts to turn? Yeah, the one where even a smidge of it mixed in with the rest of the avocado just ruins the whole thing? That!

Well, in a most mysterious of situations, I have found myself with a half dozen perfectly ripe-looking, perfectly ripe-feeling, completely-sans-brown-spots avocados that taste ROTTEN … in that incredibly particular rotten-avocado way.

The first one I opened and tried to eat, I thought, was, perhaps, a fluke of some sort. I mean: it looked perfect, felt perfect. There was no identifiable source for the rotten taste, yet each mouthful had the rotten undertone, so I pitched it. Just now I attempted to eat a second one bought the same day. Same thing.


For the record, I’d drizzled some olive oil, salt, lime juice and chili-like powder on it first. Still …

I’ll give one more a shot, but I’m thinking I might gotta dump (compost) the bunch.

avocado tip

You know how avocados are often sold in boxes and bags, maybe four or five at a time? And how they are often on sale only if you’re buying five of them, or even 10 at a time? I love avocados (the non-blech-y kind), and I love a sale; but who can handle 10 avocados ripening at the same time?

Here’s the trick I learned via the wonders of the internet: Fill a bowl/container with cold water, place the avocados you don’t yet want to ripen in the bowl and put them in the fridge. They don’t ripen until you take them out. It works!

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