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Seed-lending library love

For the past few months, anytime anyone in our (small, but mighty) family spoke with my sister Rebecca, we got an earful about the Global Seed Library Census project she was spearheading. Well, it’s finally done and published!

Long a seed-saver herself, my sister founded Richmond Grows Seed-lending Library in the Bay Area in 2010. That passion led her to consult with others interested in starting seed-lending libraries, which led her to create processes and best practices for others just starting out. That involvement led to workshops and, eventually, global conferences and quite the network of avid seed-savers and seed-lending library groups.

And now this: a census of 2,600+ such libraries around the world, an opportunity for them to connect and share resources even more, and an expression, for sure, of her belief in the importance of biodiversity, local seed-saving and empowering a community of people to grow their own backyard food if they so desire.

Go, Sis!

Here are some of the articles written about my sister and her seed-lending library advocacy

global seed library census announcement

The Global Seed Library Census is live! The Seed Library List is changing to the Seed Library Map! Even if you are in our directory of seed libraries, you will need to fill in the census to get on the map. Go to and find the census in your preferred language.

Since starting the Seed Library List, we’ve had more than 2,600 entries! We want to update the list and the information will be used to:
– populate a Seed Library Network Map (coming soon)
– help others near you or in similar bioregions connect
– assess the needs of seed libraries to help with the SLN programming and resource offerings
– identify trends in the seed library community and local seed saving efforts, such as an increase in locally grown seeds or types of programs offered

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