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Shall I see tomorrow?

Holy smokes! I made it to 60, but almost not 60 and one day!
I made a dry rub for a piece of pork shoulder butt I’m cooking. The rub called for cayenne, which I didn’t have … literally; what I did have was another dried pepper and a hot one!
Ground that up in my Vitamix. Had to leave the room when I opened the lid. Then after marinating it and adding the meat to a hot pan with oil, all the HOT STUFF aerosolized (or whatever … it got into my nose and throat). Holy smokes. I coughed and sneezed and questioned my sanity for a moment there.
Barring any scenarios of sudden collapse, though, I do now believe I shall make it 60 and 1 day.
In other news: Brr! When have I ever on my birthday, August 28th, been feeling chilly enough to slow-cook a big hunk of meat for hours — That’s a first!

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