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Smells nice

Ever one to dive into a rabbit hole, l’ve been pursuing, more diligently of late, a hobby–a thing, a something I like to do, and that is the making of balms and salves, most particularly, though by no means exclusively, infused, pain-relieving balms.

In making these various balms, I’ve been on a hunt for essential oils.

It can be such a challenge to find reliable products. Amazon/product reviews might say about X or Y or Z product that it’s so fabulous! 5 stars. The works. Then there are these 10–or whatever–percent of reviews that say, “This product sucks; it’s the worst.”

Gah! What to believe?

So when I found Edens Garden and their EOs, I was delighted. This stuff is legit. I ordered some ‘regular’ essential oils–tangerine, geranium, ylang-ylang and such. But I also ordered Muhuhu, Gurjun Balsam, Opoponax and Linaloe Wood.

Right. I never heard of such scents either.

While many of the Eden Garden oils may not broadcast scent the way many other fragrances and EOs do (and yay for that), they’re lovely, gentle and quite interesting to my nose and my mind.

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