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When a-searchin’ for a product to purchase, any time I see a “best of” or review guide by a newspaper such as The New York Times or Chicago Tribune, I am 1) more wont to trust them and believe them over a “best reviews” type of (often) spammy-ish website and 2) THRILLED to purchase anything I was planning on buying anyway through their associated affiliate links.

Why not? The affiliate income is built into the Amazon price, and if it goes unclaimed, that’s just more money for the More-Money-than-God Mr. Bezos.

And, well, heck, I get to support journalism, you know, the fact-checking kind, the ones that don’t get Dominion law suits filed against them for knowingly lying.

Gosh, I started out just wanting to praise the value of NYT and CT reviews, yet somehow got political in my post. Such are the times, are they not?

FWIW, I was about to get the Felco # 2 pruners anyway, but thought I’d check the reviews first. All I needed to read was “We tested 49 pairs of pruners … and found that the Felco 2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner is the best pruner for most people.” Works for me. And a wee bit of extra cash is en route to The New York Times.


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