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Too many options?

Such a wacky world: finding the same products — the exact same products — sold online for wildly different prices; having to figure out if Amazon’s jacked-pricing is a better deal than going to the manufacturer’s site and paying shipping; navigating seemingly endless choices.

I guess it’s not “a bad problem to have.” And as a child of the ’70s, gas shortages and the “let your fingers do the walking” ad campaigns, I so do appreciate online shopping options. (And the reviews! Thank you to everyone who writes thoughtful reviews.)

Time saved not having to run around all over carnation looking for — for example, rabbit ears for an outfit, or the perfect shelves for camping, or whatever … this is a good thing.

And, I still feel I spend a noticeable amount of time shopping, reading reviews, calculating best deals.

Not complaining. Just noticing.

… Especially as festival/camping season heats up!

See (some of) you all at Summerisle!

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