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Why not Wednesday?

I’m all for the USPS cutting a day of delivery service to reduce expenses. Personally, I think for $.44, having a piece of mail picked up from my home and delivered straight to the door of any address in the U.S. has got to be the best bargain on the planet. So, if the Postal Service needs to trim a bit, ok, works for me.

But why Saturday? Why not a weekday? Are we such an old-school bunch of thinkers to believe life happens M-F? Yeah, I get that M-F are classic biz and gov days of operation. So, what biz is going to actually falter if they can’t have USPS pick-up or delivery one day out of the week? Really. But it would be, imo, more harmful/disruptive/noticeable not to have delivery two days in a week: Saturday and Sunday. And, mercy, what about a gov holiday? What happens on President’s Day? No mail delivery for three days?

I say cut Wednesday. Or maybe Thursday. But not Saturday. That’s a bureaucrat’s answer. Think, people.

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