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Yes, yes, yes!

Oh, Grogu!

How fortunate are we to live in an era of such wonderful entertainment, story-telling, creativity, fun and adventure. What brilliance in combining The Mandalorian with a baby Jedi such as Grogu. The level of communication that delightful micro-hero creates with his coos and. babbles, his ever-moving eyes and ears, and his earnest and honest interest in food, particularly frogs, frog eggs and any host of tiny water-based creatures.

Charming, cute, powerful, sincere. Genuine, kind, aware and ever-curious. Grogu, Grogu, Grogu! Yes, Yes, Yes!

This is the way!

how old?

The one thing I don’t understand about Grogu and his kind is his age: If his kind is an infant at 50, but is old, old and old at 900, that math doesn’t work so well for me.

Yes, yes, yes. No, no, no. Yes, yes, yes!

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