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Zillennial nonsense

For the record — and before you all go echo-chambering yourselves into more nonsense — there absolutely is not a Zillennial generation. Nor is there a #GenZ.

Generations are typically 20-23 years in length in recent centuries and are getting longer, not shorter; so this whole 14-years-for-Millennials and the same number of years for the not-a-real-generation Gen Z group is just a bunch of hooey.

Generational length is always connected to the length of time it takes to go from birth to young adulthood, which typically starts around age 22.

The real date to pay attention to is 2006. That’s when the Silent-like new generation began. The guy who co-named Millennials Millennials when the oldest among them were in third grade, are calling this generation Homelanders, though I doubt that name will stick. Its members are 17 at the top end in 2023. Not even in the workforce yet.

But, few will have the guts to believe something outside the mainstream blather-stream.




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