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But how? And who? Or what?

I wondered, a couple weeks back, how “the birds” emptied my bird feeder in one fell swoop. In less than 24 hours. Went from full to not full.

I was pretty sure it wasn’t the squirrels who’d done so, given the design of the feeder and lack of squirrel access to it. Then again, squirrels. Need I say more?

But … just now — two young deer came into my back yard and started nibbling around on the ground and whatever they can find there. The taller one then came right up to my bird feeder. It’s big enough to reach right in with its tongue and eat from the feeders’ trough, or knock the seeds to the ground.

The younger one, standing nearby, keeps looking up, hoping for bits of seed and goodies to fall to the ground.

Mystery solved.


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