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A meeting of the sages

What mysteries of life unfold in my kitchen on this fall winter night.

I decided to go get my mail. It’s 2:43 a.m. Whatever. So I get my mail, see a package and open it. In it was something I ordered (duh, no surprises there), but the sender has also included something else: a smidge of dried sage sent along with my order.

I decided to light up a leaf. Why not? It’s sage. It’s lovely.

And then I looked down and saw a sweet thing. My sages were right next to each other: my dry burning sage and my freshly-cut-yesterday sage. The thing about my freshly-cut-yesterday sage is that I almost always put herbs in the fridge right away. The ones I cut yesterday I put in a bowl of water and kept on my counter.

Is this a huge thing? Not by most definitions of huge. Is it a little thing? Most definitely it’s a small thing of seemingly no consequence. Yet, for me, often when I notice such small things, I also see magnificent and large things too.


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