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Diligence, commitment

I love ants!

I don’t necessarily want them in my home, ‘course, but they are quite the creatures, are they not?

I was in Costa Rica recently and found myself mesmerized with these leaf-cutter ants. I started watching them: to and fro, going out to gather leaves and bringing them back to their fungus-growing labs.

Busy, busy, busy. Doing, doing, doing. Committed to their queen, their tribe, their mission.

As I watched the ants, I noticed some of them walking along a path. A path! So many little feet, walking back and forth, over so much time, created a path in the grass. Is that something, or what?

FWIW: Leaf-cutter ants don’t eat the leaves they bring back to their colony; rather, they mix leaves, flowers and other vegetal matter to grow a fungus, which they then feed their larvae. How cool is that?


Image credit: Courtesy of Wildscreen Exchange


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