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Such a pretty city

There are many beautiful cities in the world.

Though none but one are Black Rock City, home to Burning Man and That Thing in the Desert you may have heard of here and there.

I’ve attended a handful of times. Written a book on the subject. Made a kick-ass packing list. And ran a theme camp for a number of years–More Carrot, a Black Rock City farmers market.

Running a theme camp is no joke, and there’s always the issue of the camp budget and having sufficient funds beyond what camp member contributions covered. We created (I mostly ran, or coordinated) fundraising campaigns in the heyday of Indiegogo campaigns, e.g. contribute $10 and get X, contribute $25 and get X plus Y; contribute $50 and get X, Y and Z … and so on. Ugh, ugh ugh. Such a hassle and I don’t even know how much we actually made when it was all said and done.

I so appreciate the simplicity and beauty of the fundraising campaign for Camp Square Zero. I’m so excited for Cristina Archila, Sachi San, Torie Partridge (the artist) and the many members in their camp in seeing their beautiful map of Black Rock City and their offer of a framed or unframed print

I just supported their campaign and got for myself a lovely print of my favorite city. You can get one here (framed or not). Limited supplies.

Check them out and consider a donation. Limited supply.

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