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Eh, just a bunch of bunk, right?

For those of you who think Mercury in Retrograde is a bunch of bunk, take a look at this:

When Mercury is retrograde, oftentimes people from the past pop back into your life for a hello. OK, people from your past pop into your life when Mercury isn’t retrograde. I get that. Of course. And all the verbs that begin with RE have more power when Mercury is retrograde, such as RE- connecting.

Here’s some stuff that’s happened in these past few days (10–1–21) since Mercury went retrograde —

Out of the so-called blue …

  • A colleague from the early ‘90s posted on Facebook a bunch of photos of a trade show in 1992/93. I haven’t had any direct contact with this guy in over 20 years.
  • A resume client from 1995 contacted me and asked for help
  • An ex-boyfriend from the mid 2000s asked me out (I declined)
  • A client from 1997 contacted me after not having reached out since then
  • An “online dating guy,” with whom I’d had delightful repartee, and whom I thought had ghosted me four or so months ago, wrote me this week and said, essentially, “oops, totally missed your message a few months ago; thought you ghosted me, looks like you didn’t, hi”
  • And here’s the whopper: out of the blue, a woman tracked me down — 30 years after the fact — to tell me a painting of my mother’s she won in a trade show drawing I did in the early 1990s is still — to this day — her favorite painting she’s ever had. (And she’s in her late 70s now.)

How’s Mercury in Retrograde showing up for you?

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