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My spidey-sense

My spidey-senses/intuition/knowing has been surging of late.
Late last night I was in bed and talking out loud to myself about something. (I do talk to myself here and there, though less so while trying to fall asleep.) I was thinking about a subject and a person related to project long completed. After talking about it outloud for a few minutes, I said to myself, “Why am I thinking about this? And why now? Go to bed, Jessie.”
Literally, as I thought that, a light went on in my bedroom. I figured somehow I’d tripped one of my motion-detector lights in my bedroom but quickly realized it was my phone that had suddenly lit up.
Yes, at 5:41 a.m., the person I was thinking of — and haven’t spoken with or seen in a handful of months — was texting me to get together soon!
Today I sent a WhatsApp message to a friend about our plans to meet up Thursday. As I sent my message, I saw a message from him had come in seconds earlier.
I was thinking yesterday of a friend I hadn’t seen in a month or so and was thinking it had been a while since we’d touched base. Today I got a “hey, we need to get together soon” text from him.
A few days ago, I was doing the rounds in my place, looking for my reading glasses. Actually, I was on round 2, checking all the places I’d just checked. Frustrated, I said aloud, “Where are you?” A split second later, my glasses fell to the floor from a table I’d just examined. I walked toward them, bent down and said, “Thank you.”
Late last night I suddenly had the knowing that the refrigerator repair guy who was coming the next morning was not going to be able to repair the refrigerator with the replacement part he had ordered last week. I didn’t know what was wrong; I just knew he hadn’t assessed the cause of the problem correctly and that he’d need to order another part and come back another day. And that’s exactly what happened.
Last week a certain someone asked for money from our father’s estate. Every bit of my senses knew he was in the wrong to ask and that he was assuming my naïveté and compliance. I didn’t have any facts or “reason.” I just knew he was wrong. I contacted our estate lawyer, and she articulated in quick order about 4 or 5 reasons why we absolutely should not pay this person the money he requested we send.
I believe “this stuff” happens to all of us all the time. I just like noticing it, *and so I do. *
What kind of groovy spidey-sense feelings and knowings are you experiencing?

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