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How did THAT get THERE?

Weird little bit of awesomeness today. Out grocery shopping, I paused by the broth section and thought, “Oh, I should get some more broth.” I was scanning the items looking for my favorite brands and checking out some new ones, too. Then my brain said, quite matter of factly and with an air of measured reasonableness,…

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takoma park home

And there he was!

True story (for why would I speak otherwise). Earlier today, I was in Takoma Park, Maryland, a charming, somewhat-hilly community filled with interesting and (often) aesthetic older homes. I had run an errand and was about to head home. I thought, “Well, I often go for a walk during the day, maybe I’ll go to…

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american city girls

They live

Talk about random. Earlier today, for whatever reason, I had been thinking about the American City Girls, a local network building, party-focused, notecard-espousing, social technology amplifying adventure I did years back with the lovely Cherie Beck. Because I've been on a mostly private, life-long mission to destroy my art and writing -- to erase it from…

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clown on bike

It was fate

Originally published in Uber Chronicles: One Driver, 35 Rides, Countless Stories. I’m on the highway heading home now. A ride request comes in. I take it. I’m headed to a Walmart to get my passenger. He calls right away. His voice is gentle, masculine and lovely. He asks me if his bike can fit in the…

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