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Ever so deserving

When my father died a few years ago and left a muddled and messy estate behind, we desperately needed an estate lawyer. As the estates’s personal representative, I asked a lawyer whose opinion I trusted (Sherae McNeal) for a recommendation, and she encouraged me to contact Jessica M. Gorsky.

I did. And of the many decisions I needed to make along the several-years’ long journey to close the estate, I do believe hiring Jessica was one of the best ones I made.

She answered every question I had, both thoroughly and knowledgeably, as well as kindly and respectfully. She never overran me with technical or legal terminology yet always made sure I had the information I needed at each juncture.

But beyond “just” her professional competency, she was darn pleasant to work with, honorable in her word and detailed in her execution.

Join me, if you will, in congratulating Jessica on being named Partner at her firm, Whiteford, Taylor & Preston LLP. And, seriously, if you need a great — no, an awesome! — estate or trust lawyer, you can’t go wrong in hiring Jessica and her team.

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