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Take it down a notch, please

Yesterday I had an appointment at an office that has quite a few patients come through in a given day.
Someone had come into the office before me — whether that was an hour before, two hours before … IDK. But I do know they were wearing some sort of scent. Some perfume or lotion or something, for a sickly, chemical-based, fake strawberry (or whatever it was) scent hung in the air. And hung and hung.
I almost left, and I felt on the edge of getting a headache, which is not something I often experience. There wasn’t a moment I was at their office where I didn’t smell the scent.
Now, I know this message probably won’t meet the people it needs to meet, but, folks, please be attentive to your scents–to the sprays you spritz on yourself, to the lotions you slather on your body and to the shampoos and cleaning products you use.
Consider please: Not everyone’s noses can handle scent, perhaps, as well as yours can.

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