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Gooey goodness

My, my, my!
In my attempts to make some jalapeño simple syrup (which I’ve made before and is quite easy to make), I had put some sugar, water and jalapeños on the stove on low heat … and then went to watch some Jessica Jones and work on my taxes.
During a break, I went into the kitchen, realized it was now some time ago that I’d put the sugar, water and jalapeños on the stove and saw in the pan a nice brown bubbly syrup.
Having watched my mom make mohjy in elementary school, I knew that while the proverbial ship of making this batch of simple syrup had sailed, I also knew I had made a mohjy/mosey candy, of some sort.
There are other ingredients and steps involved in making candy, for sure, but in the moment, pouring this gooey, caramelized sugar onto parchment paper to cool and savor later sounded fab.
I wouldn’t say they are the prettiest of things, but my is it delish. And a bit tingly and hot, to boot! Great for removing fillings, too, if I had such need, which I don’t. 
Love me some Jessica Jones.

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