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The not-so-secret ingredient

I know there is much celebration and delight in the whole Brussels sprouts plus bacon plus balsamic vinegar recipe realm; and I like that, too.

For starters, I do enjoy many in the brassica family of vegetables–cabbage, cauliflower, collards, Brussels sprouts, kale and rutabagas. (What an under-appreciated root vegetable rutabagas currently are.)

Then there’s the bacon. I don’t know about you, but I consider bacon one of the various wonders of the world and one of the many blessings of being born human–with a a nose to smell it, tastebuds to savor it and a mouth to eat it, and a body that seeks not just nutrients and nourishment but pleasure and sensory delights. In the vinegar realm, I am likely in the top five percent of Americans in terms of vinegar consumption, vinegar obsession and my  personal collection of various vinegars. (If I’m not in the top five percent, I’d  sure like to be.) I love-love-love a good thick, well-aged balsamic vinegar. 

But this past weekend things changed when I came across a different Brussels sprouts recipe, and I do believe it’ll be my Brussels sprouts go-to recipe going forward.

Duck fat!
A pinch of cayenne.

So good. So really, really good. Here’s the recipe I used.

FWIW, Wegmans carries duck fat. So does Amazon.

Photo: Punchfork.

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