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Hark! Who goes there?

So, I went out this afternoon to catch some of the last rays of sun, hoop a bit and, well, enjoy the expanse of a big open field near my home in Maryland.

As I finished up and started walking across the field and back home, suddenly the ground underneath me felt different. Kinda squishy.

I looked down and saw lots of mini mud piles. At first I thought it was from ants and that I was atop a large anthill below. But then I saw more and more and more of these little hills and thought, “No way; this is too massive for an ant hill.”

Then I though, “maybe worms,” but I’ve never known worms to make such piles like this.

Then I thought beetles having transformed from grubs into ready to crawl, fly, do-whatever beetles might be at cause.

Or it might be little tiny cicadas. (The holes are about a third the size of the regular cicada chimneys.)

There were many, many hundreds of them … concentrated in one area. It was distinct: a here, but not-there kind of situation.

Anyone know the cause? What bug got the sign between yesterday and today that it was time to emerge.?

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