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Mesmerized by a mouthy bird

I, unexpectedly, spent an unexpected amount of time watching–and listening to–this unexpectedly fascinating series of videos of a rescued-at-10-days-old starling bird (now eight years old, I believe) and his vocalizations.

Fascinating. Starlings have mimicking capacities and this one–living in a human’s house, and a home filled with animals (you can hear the purrs)–has quite a range. Starlings, quite unfortunately, are a terribly invasive and aggressive species, and, wisely, “The Mouth’s” rescuer keeps him indoors. (He has a cage, and she lives in a large warehouse with many an animal and a couple humans.)

Check out the camera clicks, “come heres” and barking in her other posts.

FWIW –  “About 100 starlings were first introduced by Shakespeare enthusiasts in 1890 in Central Park, New York and are now one of the most abundant birds in North America with a population of approximately 200 million. They are found across the entire United States and compete with native species as well as destroy crops.”


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