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Human is, love is

I like a little sci-fi.

Ack, truth be told, I like a lot of sci-fi. I’ll take sci-fi most any day over a rom-com or love story. But when I started watching an episode of Electric Dreams (each episode is its own contained story), called “Human Is,” I was surprised and put into a state of contemplation by the love story that unfolded in a place where I wasn’t expecting one to be.

For anyone who has ever watched the Star Trek: Next Gen episode where Dr. Crusher falls in love with a Trill ambassador, who is a host to a symbiont, then something goes awry with the host’s body and the symbiont (the soul, the being whom Crusher came to love) shows up in a different body, causing Dr. Crusher to have to re-evaluate her love and feelings … this show has a bit of that going on.

I found the “Human Is” show one that has hovered in my mind these past few days. In a good way. It made me think and consider, and expand my mind about humanity, love, “alien-ness” and well, what makes us human.

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