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It’s baby-making time

I have a most-beautiful view from where I live.

I look out over Lake Elkhorn in Columbia, Maryland. (Well, I see the lake more fully when trees have lost their summer green, as they have long since now.)

I like to take full advantage of my view and spend a lot of my daylight, in-the-house hours looking out of the large sliding glass doors and at the view beyond.

I also put out a lot of bird food in the yard, as I feel a sense of peace and serenity watching the birds feed at various hours of the day and evening. (The doves come by as the sun sets. I don’t know why, they just do.)

I also get a TON of SQUIRREL activity. Of course. Natch. Pesky little buggers, they are.

I know it’s not my business, per se, but I get a bit bothered sometimes when the birds and/or squirrels chase their brethren off. In my head, I’m like, “Yo, there’s enough. I put out plenty of food. And I’ll put out more if needed. Chill.”

Today I started to apply that particular story to a squirrel that kept following another squirrel around. And around. And around. I kept thinking, “Leave it be. Eat your own food.”

Then I started to notice the behavior. It wasn’t aggressive; rather, it seemed inquisitive, interested … persistent. And my brain said, “Google squirrel mating season.”


“The eastern gray squirrel mates twice a year from December to February and from May to June.”

He’s on to her. A bit shy, perhaps, but definitely sniffing and interested!


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