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Process Clarification & Documentation Services

For organizations, large and small

Does your business have projects done routinely but the steps aren’t sufficiently documented?

Is employee turnover slowing you down and causing lost knowledge on project tasks?

Would you be more profitable if your business had more concrete, documented processes for your team to follow (and fewer missed steps and mistakes to correct)?

Are you wanting to scale and grow your business but are concerned you’d be crushed by more growth without first documenting more of your operations?

Are success-critical processes, such as new client onboarding, being left to chance, or to someone’s memory … or time availability?

Are you trying to use project management tools such as but need help documenting your processes before you upload or automate them?

Are there interdepartmental communications and RACI issues (who is Responsible, who is Accountable, who needs to be Consulted and who needs to be Informed?) hampering your efficiency and knocking down your company morale?

Hire me!

Whether the project at hand is an hour or two of work to document a simple process, or you need me on retainer, documenting function by function, department by department ‘til it’s all done, I’m good!

I’ve clarified and documented processes for small businesses, entire agencies, and complex organizations. Sometimes the project on deck is to list out all the steps involved in a task done just once a month, but one that needs to be accomplished to the tee. Other times, I might work with an entire department to clarify processes, communication points, template documents used and more. Or maybe you need help clarifying a client-facing process and making sure a client knows how you work.

If it’s in your head (or someone else’s) and not documented in a way that can be shared and used by others, let me help you get it out and get it clear!

No job is too small or too big, too insignificant or too insurmountable.
Hourly engagements and discounted monthly retainers available.


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