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Party on

Super lovely party in Annapolis last night. Cj and I have some sort of magic going on: he’s got the space and the set up thing and while his home is lovely, he transforms it even more into a great party space. I’ve got the invites, enrollment and engagement thing going on. Together, and with incredible ease, peace and grace, we’ve created some of the most chill, laid back, nice-vibe parties I’ve attended in recent years.

Thank you to everyone who came out, to everyone who stretched and wore a more fabulous outfit than they might normally sport for a Saturday party; thanks to everyone who brought food, drink, smoke and canisters; thanks to the chefs and cooks who managed the grill; to the teams that came and helped set up (and those who stayed and cleaned); to the people who swept the steps and to those who picked up stick and walnuts so people wouldn’t trip on them.

Thanks to the people who brought fire poofers and fire art, art cars and fancy motorcycles; to those who helped set up the art and hang the lights; and to those who brought art installations. Thanks to those who brought ice; to those who kept the fire going; and to those who came by boat and added yet another fun space to hang out in. Thanks to those who wiped down the kitchen at the end of the party (and maybe in between); those who emptied trash cans in the middle of the night. Thanks to those who reached out to someone who might have been feeling inward and quiet, and welcomed them into conversation; and thanks to those who stretched into more connection and more conversation than might have been their norm.

And thanks to Sherri and Janie for taking photos. Alas, that’s one thing I often put little attention on while at a party but always enjoy seeing afterward.

Big love! We’ll be doing this again come spring.


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