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Predictions, hopes and the Lasso Way

Mere days until It ends. It, the show, the characters, their lives, the intertwining, the developments, the story arcs. How will it end? I don’t know and assume I’ll be happily surprised, but that hasn’t stopped me from guessing.

What about you? What do you see coming / hope happens as the final episode of Ted Lasso airs Wednesday?

These are my thoughts (except where I write “some say.”) Love to hear your thoughts, predictions and hopes.

ted – what’s next?

I feel Ted has to return to Kansas; at least for a bit. Maybe he’ll come back to England (with Henry!) and be a minor character in a spin-off show. I don’t think he’ll get back with his wife. It’s his relationship with his son that is key.


I’d really like to see Roy and Keeley get together as I think Roy is a better man because of her, but the way Keeley held his hand in Jamie’s bedroom in the next-to-last episode felt more consoling than connecting. Roy is not intimidated by Keeley’s successes, so he would be/could be a good match for her, going forward. She is for him. She’s also Keeley, “the independent woman,” and may need to break free of her addiction to football players. I don’t think Roy and Keeley go for round two. Nor does she return to Jamie. She needs to launch.

Beard stays with Jane and stays in London. He fits right in here. And while he loves Ted and is devoted to him, he loves Jane more and life moves on, even if that means he’s not attached to Ted at the hip.

Colin will likely have a boyfriend and is out about it, particularly in front of his team mates. Closes that circle if he does.

rebecca’s romances

Sam and Rebecca — I’d like to say this would be a good combination, but Rebecca is 25+ years older than Sam; that’s not a small number and they are in such different places in their lives. Plus, Sam and Rebecca never went beyond the “ooh, baby, love you so much” three-month magic window of their relationship. So, IDK. I did feel, from the get-go, that Rebecca would do well to end up with someone completely outside her “dating zone;” and Sam fits the bill there.

Sam does seem genuinely fond of her, but he doesn’t fit the picture with the prediction of Rebecca becoming a mother. He needs to build his own life as a young man at 21, much as he might love Rebecca and she, him.

Rebecca and Ted — Erg. I don’t see this happening. Some folks think it’s coming as they have been there for each other at key moments. That’s what friends do. Their relationship has never had romantic undertones to me.

Rebecca and the Dutch boatman — Rebecca hasn’t spoken of him at all since they met. Who knows? “Some folks” say maybe he’s related to Jan Maas, comes to the final game with his daughter, and he and Rebecca reconnect. (The show does make a lot of Jan Maas being Dutch throughout the seasons.) Seems a bit of a diss to Sam for Rebecca to go off with this other guy she barely knows, but Sam needs to find his own way as a young man. He needs to build his own life.

The Dutch boat man is definitely a more life-phase-aligned relationship possibility than Sam is to Rebecca, and they seemed to have really nice vibes. Really nice vibes. Plus he comes with the built-in child and the final psychic prediction that Rebecca will become a mother then comes true.

Also, Rebecca has so much stature. On so many levels. Obviously socially and financially! She’s also tall and Nordic-looking. She’s mature and in mid-life. The Dutch boatman fits her better — physically, emotionally, phase of life-ly, etc. I’m not dissing Sam, but he’s 21/22 and needs to find his own way through life–as young men, in particular, do–and Rebecca needs someone who is a match, not on a socio-economic level of financial success (she’s got that in spades), but on a life level. She and the Dutch boatman are a better fit.

rebecca becoming a mother

I don’t see her being in a relationship with Ted and Henry becoming the promised child.

I don’t see her getting pregnant.

“Some folks” are saying Rupert’s assistant is pregnant and Rebecca adopts the child. I don’t see that happening because that meeting with Bex and Rupert’s assistant happened right before Rebecca’s annual “truth bomb” with Ted, so we’d have heard if she was planning on doing that.

“Some folks” say Sassy might be pregnant with Ted’s baby and Rebecca will adopt the child. – I like this option, but Rebecca’s a bit old to have an infant … and all by herself. So, eh. It feels almost too desperate for her and it doesn’t provide the family predicted.

She could be “the mother” to the team (which would make for an odd story line with Sam as her “son”). :-p I think part of Rebecca’s path to “having a family” (also one of the predictions) is in realizing the team is part of her family, and she a part of theirs. The friendships she has made, the role she has to the team, the way she doesn’t put up with sh*t, she’s “a mother” in some ways to them.

The tidiest solution, and one that makes the most sense, is for her and the Dutch boatman (with his not-too-young and not-too-old eight(?)-year-old daughter in tow) to connect.

afc richmond

They could win it all, and be the perfect storybook ending. Or they could lose the last game and it’d be about the people and the team and what they became, not about winning or losing. I think they will win the final game they play against West Ham (they have to, in some ways, for Rebecca to get her reverse-revenge against Rupert).

Nate obviously comes back as a coach. Ranked where, I don’t know. Assistant, not head (and he’ll be grateful and appreciated).

Beard will likely stay on as a coach. He seems a better fit to London than Kansas, any day. Plus, there’s Jane.

Roy will be the head coach.

Jamie – His demons with his dad now conquered–or at least quelled–can move on. I think he’ll stay with AFC Richmond and become captain. What a story arc of transformation, especially if he goes from beating Nate up in season one to being captain of the team Nate coaches. His transformation personally, and his relationship with Roy has been a lovely one to witness. Isaac will move on to another team or something to make room for Jamie.

trent crimm

“Some say” (one person did) the final show might be a year from now and Trent Crimm narrates and tells much of the final story. IDK. His book about the team is part of the show, so maybe it’ll be used as a storytelling device. That seems a bit gimmicky to me.


Rupert obviously gets dissed via Bex’s imminent divorce request. Everyone in the show gets salvation and redemption, except him. He’s a snake, through and through. He can shed his skin again and again, and he’s still a snake.

so long, farewell

The final episode is called, “So long, farewell,” so there are likely to be other departures and such. What else, what else? What do you wonder? See? Hope for?

Love the episode-title reference to Julie Andrews, whom the Diamond Dogs all loved.





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