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Wishing Amazon would get this sorted out

The end of the year is, for me — and I assume many others — a time of annual review, annual bookkeeping and the beginnings of getting my docs and accounting together for tax preparation.

I very much appreciate that banks, credit cards and such institutions allow me to categorize my purchases with tags and such. Quite helpful. Quite useful.

Which has me wondering why, tech behemoth that it is, Amazon doesn’t allow consumers to categorize purchases with any degree of ease or ongoing record keeping and tracking. Yes, they do allow you to export your purchases (with gajillions of useless columns of spreadsheet data). Seriously, WTF! How not-consumer-friendly is that?

It’d be even better if they pre-populated the category for us, the consumers, and have various spending report tools we could use. Yes, yes, yes … I know. Amazon has launched their Amazon Business service and theoretically one could purchase business supplies on that account and personal items on their personal account, but that doesn’t solve the problem of needing and wanting to categorize my purchases so I can track my spending.

I can’t be alone in wanting such a tool to categorize purchases for household items, personal care, business expenses, clothes, gifts, etc. I mean … kinda basic.

What gives, o yee of the Amazons Many Far and Wide?

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