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I slept fitfully, woke up with inflamed and puffy eyes, felt sore all over, felt digestively uneasy and upon seeing my super-puffy face in the mirror said, aloud, “What? What did I eat yesterday to cause this?”
I scanned my memory looking for something that might be the cause: avocado and egg? no; a big pile of sauerkraut? no; apples? no; some fresh pico de gallo and chips? unlikely; a small can of Orange Crush? maybe, but unlikely.
Stumped, I continued about, sore, achey and wondering. Then I went into the kitchen where I saw a bowl, and remembered I had (in my exhaustion, after a bizarre and intense experience yesterday) reached for some emergency food in the back, of the back, of my cupboard. (I don’t have a cupboard, per se: I have kitchen cabinets, but you know what I mean.)
Vietnamese phở instant noodles, replete with packets of spices … and, I assume the offending chemical that, while so small in quantity was so large in impact.
A puffy face and eyes are one thing. A fitful night of sleep could have been from a number of causes. But to be sore and achey all over? It just isn’t worth it. Even checking the ingredients list, there is little that seems offending. I mean, I guess, the MSG, yet MSG is in so many foods. Maybe that’s it. Not really interested in a repeat experience, though perhaps I should do it to confirm.
What throws your body for a loop?

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