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That would be “a no.”

I did something today I’ve never done before: I walked out of a movie theater. I wasn’t even midway through the movie, and I shoulda walked out much, much earlier but I kept hoping, believing …

in mild shock

I mean how is it possible for a movie in JK Rowling’s world of magic, i.e., Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, to be such a disastrous F-L-O-P?

Gah. Just dreadful and I love, love, love this genre of movies. I love the Harry Potter world. I’ve read all the books at least twice; maybe three times. I forget. I’ve watched all the movies at least once, if not more, and I adore the wizarding world where Harry, Hermione, Hagrid and others live. But this movie … ?

bluh bluh bluh

It never got going. It never grabbed me. It never activated my curiosity. Plus, the sound quality also sucked! All those people practically whispering in barely audible conversations. A miserable experience. 

I realized that there wasn’t going to be any character development, the plot was going to stumble along endlessly and aimlessly and, at best, I’d get some CGI action scenes. Yippee-ay-aye.

didna listen

Serves me right, too. The Rotten Tomatoes’ pro score was a generous 47. When I’d seen the low score and reviews, I figured those folks weren’t Harry Potter/magical creature fans, or something was going on. But, no, they were right: this thing sucked.


Now, Everything Everywhere All at Once, that was pretty good.


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