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And there he was!

True story (for why would I speak otherwise).

Earlier today, I was in Takoma Park, Maryland, a charming, somewhat-hilly community filled with interesting and (often) aesthetic older homes. I had run an errand and was about to head home.

I thought, “Well, I often go for a walk during the day, maybe I’ll go to Sligo Creek Trail nearby.” But then I thought, “Eh, it’s kinda flat and kinda just a trail,” so I decided instead to walk around in the neighborhood for a bit.

I’m going here. I’m going there. I’m turning right. I’m turning left. I figure I’ll get back to my car when I’m ready, and I have the GPS where I’m parked, so I’m good to wander about as I please.

At one point, I felt it was time to start heading toward my car so I picked the next left turn and started walking. Within about 20 yards, I saw a guy walking up the curved hill and thought to myself, “That looks like Stephanos.”

It was.

Now, here’s the thing: Literally, late last night I’d thought about Stephanos. There was a particular question I wanted to ask him about something rather small in the scheme of things, but I was curious to know his answer.


12 hours after I’d thought, “I need to ask Stephanos something.”


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