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THIS is Burning Man!

While the interwebs are filled with photos of glamorous, hot, sexy, booty-short-wearing women (and men) at #BurningMan… women with inexplicably clean hair, with boots they couldn’t walk more than 20 yards in (and never ride a bike in), and with outfits often looking like hundreds of dollars of designer-wear fashion went into their making, I offer what I think is one of the BEST photos I’ve seen from Burning Man this year.

It’s a photo of my friend Matthew Gordon (and a woman whose playa name is “Not Dead Yet”), and I’m sharing it with his permission.

For all you lovely sparkle ponies who think #BurningMan is a fashion festival, your beauty is wonderful AND we are a community event built on The 10 Principles. (Read the Survival Guide and get acculturated.) And most importantly, get dusty!

So much of what Burning Man is about is surviving and thriving amidst harsh circumstances and a desert that has no interest in supporting your survival.

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